• Ulrica L. Kassar, who goes by the name “Tasha,” has had her fair share of struggles with LIFE, PAIN, and FEAR. It was on her journey towards healing when she discovered the true meaning of living a fearless lifestyle. She has learned that being fearless is not about the absence of fear or lack of obstacles but empowering and equipping yourself with the tools to overcome these barriers with dignity and strength.

    Through her fight against systemic racism, self-doubt, trauma, and being overlooked, Tasha has earned her Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling from Texas Wesleyan University. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Counseling. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, co-author of the bestselling book I’m Fine: A Woman’s Silent Cry, speaker, educator, and founder of CHOSEN Counseling & Coaching Services, she has dedicated her work to creating services and products that provide a safe place for women to have their pain, fears, needs, and dreams heard.

    Tasha has over 15 years of working in crisis intervention, domestic/ intimate partner violence, mental health, infectious disease, and substance abuse disorders. She has more than ten decades of implementing grant-funded high risk and substance abuse specialized programs in adult probation

    My Guarantee:

    • I will provide a safe space.  
    • I will show up and be prepared to help you do your work.
    • I will challenge you without judgment and criticism. 
    • I will personalize care specific to your concerns and needs.
    • I will acknowledge your pain and fears while challenging you to show up as your: “Wiser Strong Self.” 
    • I will support you on your self-love journey and equip you with tools to live fearless in every area of your life.