• About CHOSEN

    About CHOSEN


    CHOSEN Counseling & Coaching Services desires to heal and improve the mental health and wellness of Black women while breaking down mental health stigmas in our communities. To empower Black women to achieve wholeness while promoting self-love and equipping them with tools to overcome life’s challenges with strength and dignity. 

    Our Vision:

    Here at CHOSEN, we are FEARLESS, and our vision is to provide services and products to guarantee that women have a place to talk about their PAIN, explore their FEARS, voice their NEEDS, and become their DREAMS.

    The CHOSEN 4A Challenge

    Awareness – “Most people reach out for counseling when they feel or realize that their life, relationships, or their choices have become uncontrollable.” In the initial phase of the 4 A Challenge, we will clarify what has brought you to therapy and work together to create a road map to healing.

    Acknowledge: “Here is where we strap up our boots and get to work.” In this phase of the 4 A Challenge, I will assist you with 1) Acknowledging and taking ownership of behaviors/thoughts that have stagnated your ability to grow and are not beneficial to your relationships. 2) Identifying the purpose/ or role your current behaviors play in your life. 3. Acknowledge your pain, fears, needs, and dreams.

    Apply: “Those tears weren’t for nothing” In this phase of the 4 A Challenge, I will equip you with tools to overcome and challenge your pain and fears by teaching you how to listen to your “Wiser Stronger Self” and give you a 4-step method to live and walk-in self-love.

    Achieve: “It’s time to walk FEARLESSLY into your dreams.” In the final phase of the 4A Challenge, our goal is to create a mindset shift and help you embrace the fruit of your labor, decrease your symptoms of stress/anxiety and depression, and achieve a lifestyle of peace, joy, and abundance.