• Couples Counseling

    Couples Counseling

    In the days of Social Media and the seemingly “perfect lives” portrayed on many of these outlets, the true meaning of marriage and meaningful relationships can be misconstrued. The Spiritual aspects of relationships are often ignored or overlooked. No single factor does more to cultivate oneness and a meaningful sense of purpose in marriage than a shared commitment for spiritual discovery. 


    Marriage is closer to the nature of God than any other human experience.  

    Couples Counseling will help you and your partner achieve #couplegoals and become the ultimate #powercouple. Couples Counseling Sessions provide a safe, sacred space to explore past experiences as a couple, and current challenges to the relationship is provided. Also, the process facilitates a discovery process in which both individual and shared goals are identified. Intimacy is promoted by creating a safe space for communication and reconnect with positive foundational relationship beliefs.  


    With the importance of the spiritual aspects of relationships at the forefront, topics addressed may include; Blended Family Difficulties, Communication IssuesInfidelity, Intimacy/Sexual Difficulty, Premarital Concerns, Stress Management, and Trust Issues. By committing to doing the work required in these areas, #couplegoals and #powercouple aspirations will be achieved.