• Substance Use Group

    Substance Use Group


    Do you feel like your life has been taken hostage by a substance (alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, pain medication, meth, crack cocaine, or another substance? Is substance use keeping you from living a completely free life and removes your focus from what important? Are you experiencing cravings to use the substance, neglecting other parts of your life because of substance use? Do you want to cut down or stop using but managing not to? Do you continue to use even when the substance has caused problems in your relationships? Do you find yourself taking the substance in larger amounts or for longer than you meant to or continued using even when it puts you in danger? If you can relate to this, Substance Use Group may be a good fit for you.  


    • Substance Addiction Groups – The primary goals addressed in the Substance Addiction group are: Addressing substance use/abuse and compulsive behaviors, challenge irrational thoughts associated with addiction lifestyle, building healthier boundaries and stronger relationships, fostering personal growth and more positive self-regard.


    Adult Children of Addicts Group 

    Do you experience difficulties in relationships? Do you experience intense fear of loss, of control or emotions? Do you often find yourself seeking approval from others? Do you struggle with using a substance to cope? 

    You may have the experience of being raised by an addict, and maybe this experience rattled your childhood in ways you struggle to explain or even understand. Having an upbringing where addiction guided the values, morals, principles of your well-being can be traumatic and manifest lasting, long-term effects. If you can relate to this, Adult Children of Addicts Group may be a good fit for you. 

    Adult Children of Addicts Group – The primary goals addressed in this group are learning to reduce fear and shame, acceptance of powerlessness regarding loved ones, increased awareness and understanding of problem patterns and tendencies. Learning healthy relationship skills and the ability to find strength and resilience in oneself.