• Self-Awareness Coaching

    Self-Awareness Coaching

    Have you found yourself questioning your purpose? Your emotions? Having difficulty setting or sticking to your goals? Feeling Stuck? Unappreciated? Tired of hearing about how “strong” you are. Are you in need of some Non-biased, Non-judgmental guidance and clarification? 

    Self-Awareness Coaching may be just for you.  

    Through Self-Awareness Coaching, we will ‘Redefine what a Strong Black Woman looks like’. Often, as black women, our silence is mistaken for strength because we manage to keep functioning and caring for everything and everyone around us despite our internal, emotional struggles. Tears and expression of emotions is not weakness, but, in fact, a show of resilience and courage to reveal ourselves. After all, we cannot receive help if we do not ask for it.  

    Engaging in Self-Awareness Coaching will help to dispel the “strong black woman” myth. We will redefine “strong black woman” in a safe, comfortable space where we will discuss spirituality, vulnerability, everyday struggles, and issues that many black women face with the goal of wholeness and acceptance of the magnificent woman you are.  

    My coaching services are delivered in customized packages of 6 or 12 sessions. 

    Coaching is not for everyone. Coaching is designed for individuals ready to be stretched and invested in creating change in their lives. If this sounds like you, complete the contact form on this page to get started today.