• Bisola the Intern

    Bisola the Intern

    Welcome, Bisola Adediji, ” The Therapy Doll,” to the CHOSEN Community.

    Bisola Adediji is a dynamic emerging mental health professional & her presence has been transformative, leaving a tangible impact on both the clients and the organization as a whole.

    • Empowering African-American Women: Bisola’s dedication to understanding and addressing the unique challenges African-American women face has resonated deeply within the CHOSEN community. Through her empathetic approach and tailored interventions, she has helped many women navigate their middle moments, fostering a sense of empowerment and resilience.
    • Creating a Safe Space: Her vibrant energy and holistic approach have fostered a safe and supportive environment at CHOSEN. Clients feel understood and valued under her care, and facilitating open and honest communication is essential for therapeutic progress.
    • Expanding Services: Bisola’s diverse interests and expertise have enriched the services offered at CHOSEN. By focusing on women’s issues, mother-daughter relationships, first-generation/immigrant concerns, and the Black experience, she has broadened the scope of support available to clients, ensuring that their specific needs are met.